Clonk Developer Mode

The Clonk developer mode grants full access to all game content in Clonk: scenarios, object definitions, player files, and additional group files. Existing data can be modified and new elements can be created.
The Editor (Windows only) represents the easiest way to use the developer mode.
The editor can be used to modify the components of all game objects or scenarios. When the engine is in developer mode, objects within a running scenario can be created and moved around by mouse, and landscapes can be edited and saved.
Self created game content can be publicly released and made available to other players. However, all content should be thoroughly tested and free of bugs before publishing.

Terms of Use

Use the developer mode at your own risk. No support can be given by RedWolf Design. The developer mode is available to registered players only.
Through improper use you can not only destroy all the fun in the game, but also make the whole game unplayable. In order to successfully use the developer mode, basic programming and graphics skills as well as general computer expertise are required. Those who are unsure should leave their hands off it!
Anybody using the advanced editing features should do so with great care and responsibility and try to produce useful extensions to the game, thus serving the whole community.
Game content created by players using the developer mode may not be used commercially.
Game content of the original package may be modified and used to create free game extensions and for this purpose only. All rights of the original game content remain with RedWolf Design.
The password for the activation of the developer mode is: Siedlerclonk
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